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Raw Surfing Adventures Raw Surfing Adventures is made up of a group of dedicated Surfing enthuisaists who have traveled the far reaches of the planet in search for the best waves.

Establishing a broad network Internationally within the surfing community, we strive to provide the best guided destination surfing adventures possible, giving each individual an experience they can remember forever. An experience of a lifetime.

Meet the Team

Mark Bochiardy

Wildlife, birds, landscapes and surfing photographer

Born and raised in New Smyrna Beach, Fla., I grew up around surfing, hunting, fishing, auto racing and camping. All of these outdoors-type activities contributed in some way to my current style of photography. The Business part of my journey is behind me, and my photography career has now come full circle. These days I’m mostly near my home capturing the wildlife, birds, landscapes and surfing images that first piqued my interest in the art of photography so many years ago.

Julian Rodriguez

Aerial Photographer & Videographer

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Julian Rodriguez has always loved the ocean but moved to Satellite Beach in 2016 to be closer to surfing. Julian has been focusing on surfing as well as aerial photography, videography, and editing with footage he captures with his drone. Julian flies and films up and down Central Florida in an attempt to capture the best waves from an aerial perspective.

Bobby Whittemore

Surf Photographer

Specializing in an array of photography niches. Surfing, Weddings, Portraits, Landscape, Wildlife, Action Sports. Known for doing whatever it takes to get the shot!

Brandon G. Taylor

Editor, Photographer, and Media Specialist

Hailing from Sebastian, Florida, Brandon’s spent his life on the water and has a passion for board sports, and photography. A family man, with soon to be 3 kids, he immerses his family with love in surfing life.

David Pritzker

Director of Operations

David Pritzker is founder and director of Operations, coordinating efforts with all team members in respective countries, as well as working directly with travel groups. Growing up surfing Central FL, and traveling much of the world, particularly Central America, provides a great deal of knowledge about surfing.

Jeff Johnson

Costa Rica Operations

Jeff Johnson, an American from Florida, living in Costa Rica for over 10 years, runs the Costa Surf Camp. He is in charge of all Costa Rica operations. He also works directly with travel groups and day to day tours. As well as offer guided tours to the Carribean coast. Videography and photo available, as well Translation services.

Salvador Alexander Morales

El Salvador Operations

Salvador Alexander Morales runs Vaquero “Cowboy” Surf Lodge in El Salvador, along with guided services through the Wild East. With photo and videography services available. Being an El Salvadorian native, expert surfer, and photographer, Salvador is your best guy for the job when it comes to finding the waves of your dreams!

Dustin Dameron

On-site Development Manager

With over 20 years experience surfing, and just as much experience as a Master Carpenter, Dustin Dameron fills the prescription when it comes to building and maintaining our surf camps. He also puts in time guiding our adventurers through Central America, and teaching the groms how to get “tubed”.

Agustin Sulser III

Brand Master of Art

Cali bred/Florida fed. “Auggie” Artist/Designer, has been painting on anything and everything since 1982. Born in Los Angeles, CA, has always been interested in the arts, culture, and all that is rad. As years passed his art has evolved into its own unique style, creating and vibing off his mind and the world that surrounds him.

Charles Bordeaux

Lead Web Developer

Originally from Maryland, and now living in Southern California, we present Charles Bordeaux. He has well over 10 years experience in Internet Design technology, and is our lead web developer. Charles is responsible for all this content that you see online now, and very much appreciated by Raw. He is new at Surfing, and now learning how to “rip”.

Ryan Ragan

Florida Operations

Ryan Ragan, Professional Surfer, also owner of Vast Oceans Surf and SUP School and Shop, is our guy for Florida Surf Adventures and Surfing Lessons. Starting our surfing at 11 years old in Daytona Beach, FL, Ryan swept his first contest at age 14, making a career of it, competing and free surfing ever since. Featured in magazines and videos around the globe.

Darkmatter Development

Web Design and Development

Based out of New Smyrna Beach Fl, Darkmatter Development LLC is a premier web/app design and development agency. They specialize in UI and UX design working with content management systems. Darkmatter has been a major help in our site redesign and functionality consulting. Owner and technical lead Josh Page is a NSB native and friend of raw surfing adventures. Josh and his company are highly skilled at what they do. Check them out at darkmatter-development.com.