birthday gift to dina - Raw.Surf

A date with me

The best gift you could ever receive is a gift of a date with this brilliant and handsome man. Be careful though, this guy, the “real” David, lives FULLY in the moment! And yes he is really really sexy, smells good, and really funny too! Women who get close tend to fall head over heels! =P

Come-on, remember how hot and bothered he made you feel on your first date?  Well he’s been surfing, striving toward goals, and practicing yoga 5-7 days a week since last March, really got his mind, body, and business right! Man he’s really HOT now! This gift is better than diamonds, and ain’t waiting around! This is a limited time birthday special!

  • First class gentleman providing birthday special treatment
  • Home cooked, chef quality, meal of choice, Wine, Weed
  • Entertainment; live music by my self, shows, events, beach walks, and comedy
  • Laughter, fun, excitement, adventure
  • Pampering to fullest extent
  • Kisses and loving, maaaaaaybe if you’re really lucky!