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Black Friday Surfing Highlights November 24th, 2017

This Black Friday while you were out shopping in the crowds for gifts your kids don’t need, we were enjoying a a full day of fun northeast swell with light offshore winds until dark. Thankful for sure we are after a nice Thanksgiving holiday feast! It was nice to spend time in the water, where it wasn’t yet too cold. Everyone out surfing in the water had great vibes, with smiles plastered wide on their faces. It was a group of the boys killing it! Tons of great tasty waves!















Lots of airs, cut backs, and tail slides, among other crafty maneuvers seen pulled by the massive upcoming young talent in these warm east coast waters! The groms were also having fun! Burying each other in the sand and catching some good waves too! Truly a thanksgiving to be thankful for! Yewwww!
























































And here is some video too…. enjoy!


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