From Shark Bite to Surf Expo, Jai spends the day with Kieran and DC copping free gear and meeting pros! - Raw.Surf

From Shark Bite to Surf Expo, Jai spends the day with Kieran and DC copping free gear and meeting pros!

Each year we have made it a tradition out of bringing a new grom who has never before experienced Surf Expo with us to experience the event. Last September was the first Expo we weren’t able to  attend because of Covid restrictions, as Surf Expo Sept 2020 was canceled. We are thankful that this September the show went on! And not in any better timing because our friend Jai was attacked by a bull shark back in May of this year at New Smyrna beach, making it a no-brainer for us to invite him along with our team riders DC and Kieran!

We ran into Cory Lopez at the Corkcicle booth almost immediately after walking in, and were greeted with a huge smile. Thanks so much Cory for spending a few minutes with the boys and hearing about Jai’s story first hand. All the local kids really look up to him and all wish to one day surf like him too. Who doesn’t, right? It’s great that Florida has professional surfers that really care about making an impact on the community.

Kieran has been surfing so well that it’s a no-brainer for us to invite him on the team… wait, not sure if we did officially. Here it is in writing. Kieran will you ride for Raw Surf?

DC has been a great support and role model for both Kieran, and Jai alike. See ya’ll, DC is rippppping beyond his recent skills and its pushing his peers to keep going and growing further! Great work DC!

Thank you Jetty Surf Co, Rainbow Sandals, Sperry Shoes,  HyperFlex Wetsuits, Primitive Skateboards, Sun Bum, Thread Wallets,  Charming Shark, and more for all the awesome gear you gave us and the groms! Ya’ll rock!

The boys had such a great time, they even found a couple friend’s who also shred, Kylie Pulcini, and Daya McCart!

The groms all had a blast, and that’s what matters the most. Life is short and we never know what may happen, so we must appreciate who and what we have in life. And most of all, be like a kid and live in the moment.

Jai has a GoFundMe setup to help in his recovery so he can get back out into the water soon! Please check it out and donate a few dollars if you can. It will help him stay busy and give him more opportunities to do new things over the next several months while he is out of the water. Check it out!

Thank you so much for reading and see you in the water!

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