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Rad Day At Surf Expo 2018 With Grom Ripper Logan Radd!!!

I had the pleasure of experiencing Surf Expo this year with the 11 year old “up and coming” Grom ripper, Logan Radd and his parents for the day. During the duration of this trip I really got a great opportunity know them a bit better, and learn what it takes to inspire such young surfing talent in a child. And I came to understand that it really boils down to the parents, and how they raise their children. The Radds themselves, are some of the most humbling, down to earth people I have ever met. And with their positive parenting approach, I can see why they have such a great kid who stays focused on his passionate love for surfing. Out there every day, charging it, no matter what the conditions. 

We drove into Orlando this am from sunny Satellite beach for Logan’s first experience in the surfing industries “big event”, speaking at least in terms of the business side of surfing. There was a ton of innovative new products and services to check out, but first things first, we started things off with a bite of Vans waffles. Yes, Vans had waffles on a stick at expo.

Not too soon after we stumbled into the expos main floor, Logan found the Indo boards booth. He had to give a board a whirl, obviously. Its just what you’ve gotta do when you’re an aspiring professional surfer grom. Duh.

Hyperflex wet suits are where its at when you need to stay warm! Winter is here and I’ve got my Hyperflex suit on standby for the next swell! Here is a photo of Logan with his new Hyperflex cap on.







Logan, his parents, and I walked around a bit more visiting with a number of vendors and reps from surfing companies from all over the USA, and world, at that. We were fortunate enough to stumble into a few professional surfer legends during our visit; including Shea Lopez, Bob Hurley, and Hobgood brothers. All the guys knew of Logan Radd, especially considering WSL mentioning his name last week during the Sebastian Inlet Pro QS event while he was out surfing second peak, down away from the main event. But hey, he was surfing close enough to get noticed! CJ Hobgood let Logan know he was Logan’s biggest fan! Yew!

Here above are a couple of photos of Logan with the Hobgood brothers at today’s Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida.

This shot here above is of Logan with Surfboard Shaper legend, Ricky Carroll, at Ricky’s booth in front of a bunch of old school Clark Foam blanks.







Logan tried on a few really nice pairs of sunglasses at Smith, while the pool of groms were busy putting all the balls back in the pool that they threw out. Mom was pretty stoked. I mean look at the kid, he is styling! Watch out girls!

Logan Radd, Jasmine Gailey, Maddie Franz, Brock, and Carl Burger monkeying around with the Sun Bum Gorilla!







Artist Guy Snell, awesome massage beds, and care giving pets were all part of our experience at Orlando’s 2018 Surf Expo Convention!

Checking out and getting a real feel for all the new surfboards at surf expo is a must! Logan got his hands on his first sponsor “Nektor Sunscreen”‘s new Gamma Slater XCEL Surfboard, giving it a thorough inspection, which of course by the look on his face, met his approval.  Then bumped into Dark Seas Division company based out of Ocean City Maryland, where he copped a new hat.

On our way out we ran into 15 year old Florida Women’s Champion Surfer, Caroline Marks and her father as they too were exploring surf expo 2018, and what it has to offer. Caroline is the youngest woman to compete in the WSL surfing events, and just won the Florida Sebastian Pro contest that took place last weekend in Sebastian Inlet, Florida. We captured this shot of Logan and Caroline in front of the Body Glove Booth up front by the entrance before we left.

The experience with the Logan, and his parents was epic to say the least. Logan is such a humble grom. Though he loves the challenges of competing, he’s more concerned about getting stickers and going surfing than acquiring points on a score card, or having a girlfriend! We can really learn a lot from kids if we pay attention to how they think and act. They teach us how to stay in the moment, to take life one wave at a time.

Logan Radd has only been surfing for a few years, now at age 11. He is one of our team riders, riding on Gordzilla Surfboards. Logan has other sponsor ships with MTB Surf Emporium, Nektor Sunscreen, KKrows, Inspyr Gear, and Longdoggers Indiatlantic. I believe one day sooner than later, he will be taking some titles on tour. Seems to me like everyone has their eyes on Logan Radd to see what’s coming next! I sure do, look at the way this kid surfs!

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