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Raw Surf’s Newest Team Rider ESA Allstar Maddie Franz Takes On The North Shore Of Hawaii

Welcome to the team Maddie! And congratulations on the exciting trip to the North Shore of Hawaii!

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Maddie Franz has recently been elected to be on the 2018’s Eastern Surfing Associations All Star team which is a huge honor and accomplishment.  The team, coaches and mentors are all heading to the North Shore of Oahu for a surf training trip in Feb 2018 which provides all team members with training by some of the best surf coaches in the US.   It is a huge opportunity to help Maddie get to a higher level of surfing and she is stoked for the opportunity.  Going to surf in Hawaii is on the top of Maddie’s wish list and a ‘dream come true!  She has always had a dream to go to Hawaii and surf the big waves and know she gets to do it with her peers, coaches and mentors all of whom she has looked up to since she began surfing!

Maddie has always loved the ocean.  She started surfing as a young girl around the age of 4 when ‘one day my dad brought home a surf board and said get in the car.  Next thing I knew; he was teaching me how to surf…. I got up on the first try and knew this is where I wanted to be!”  Before surfing, Maddie was a competitive gymnast and also played competitive soccer but once she started to surf competitively in May 2016, she made the decision to solely dedicate her time to the ‘sport she loved the most’.  Once that decision was made she has been charging forward making huge strides and accomplishments; training endlessly in the gym and in the water, working hard towards her goals.  Some titles under her board are:  2018 ESA All Star, 2016 & 2017 ESA SAFL District Champion in Girls U14, Girls U16, Girls U18 and Jr. Woman’s Long Board. NSSA 2016/17 Explorer Jr. Woman’s Long Board Champion, ASF 2016/2017 Girls 17 & under Long Board Champion, GC Surf Series 2016 Most improved surfer and 2016/2017 Winter series Girls U15 Champion & Open LB Champ, 2017 Folly Beach Menehune LB Champ, 2017 Easter Pro/Am Jr Woman’s LB Champ, 2017 Barrels for Boobs U17 & Under Champ, 2017 NKF Rich Salick Pro/Am Jr Woman LB Champ, 2017 Salty Sweet U14 LB Champ, ’17 Wave Masters Jr Woman Champ and more… Maddie’s dream is to one day be a pro surfer and this trip for her is just one step closer to her dream!

Maddies trip to Hawaii not only let her surf with the best surfers in the East coast but she made some friendships that will last a life time. Maddie got the call from Tamayo Perry north shore surfing legend to surf one on one with him in some Big Waves… Maddies reaction was we only have an hour hurry up we need to get to sunset beach … Tamayo breifed her on the break the Channel and the reef… she dropped in on her first big wave and the rest was history.

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