Raw Surf with Swell Life Magazine On A Corporate Time With Tom And Dan Radio Show and Podcast, aired May 26th 2017, Discussing El Salvador Surf Adventures And Swell Life Magazine's Latest Edition - Raw.Surf

Raw Surf with Swell Life Magazine On A Corporate Time With Tom And Dan Radio Show and Podcast, aired May 26th 2017, Discussing El Salvador Surf Adventures And Swell Life Magazine’s Latest Edition

Blog written December 12th, 2017


With our April El Salvador Surf Retreat just around the corner, we thought it would be a splendid opportunity to share with you the time we were guests on A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan Real Radio 104.1 iHeart Satellite Radio, with Swell Life Magazine! On air we discussed surfing, surfing, and more surfing! Not to mention, we discussed surfing! Did we mention we discussed surfing? But seriously though, we talked much about our El Salvador Surf Retreats. And discussed on Swell Life Magazine, with their CEO and Editor and chief Gina Onori. Along with David Pritzker, Director of Raw Surf.

Tom, Dan, Ross, and Lee were at the helm of the A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan Show that early afternoon. Based out of Orlando, Florida, they are a hysterical “work life” comedy radio show airing on FM radio Real Radio 104.1 in the evenings, and iHeart Satellite Radio, with repeats on the weekends. Rated #1 Podcast in Orlando, Tom and Dan bring a fresh spin on talk radio, supporting local businesses and hosting national celebrities alike. This podcast aired on Friday May 26th, 2017. Recorded in Baldwin Park studio, Orlando, Florida.

It was a great day in Baldwin Park, while Gina and I arrived at the studio after a short drive over the bridge and into the mainland from cozy Cocoa Beach. Regardless of the fact we were landlocked (yes us surfers freak out when we’re too far from the waves), we still had a great time with Tom and Dan. These guys always put out a great vibe, and are absolutely hilarious. Thankfully so, being that they do host a comedy radio show, not being funny would be a huge issue, if not down right problem, to say the least.

Gina spoke first with Tom and Dan about Swell Life Magazine; first edition was published in October 2016. An adventure to say the least, with journalism a passion, is bringing the local Cocoa Beach Community together through good vibes, and keeping the stoke. With so much love for the community, Swell Life Magazine brings positive influence to our children, and adults, alike. Supporting “groms”, Swell Life Magazine’s “surf team” sponsors children to explore and grow through the sport of surfing. Pick up your copy of Swell Life Magazine, find them on Facebook, or check out their website.

Best for last, I went on air discussing our upcoming trip to El Salvador we had in October. It was a small, but fun group that went. Nonetheless we had great waves, such amazing rides. We are having another retreat coming up this April, and anticipate a little bigger group! But not too big to crowd the line up! Checkout our package on our site for pictures from our previous retreats, and find information on upcoming trips coming soon! We too are stoked to go back to El Salvador, the home of endless rights! Come join us. Get some of the best waves of your life with us and take home memories! El Salvador is an amazing land full of beautiful people, culture, and wildlife that is open to explore in good positive vibes. Find out more by tuning into the podcast on Tom and Dan.


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You can find Swell Life Magazine in local shops or check out their rad website online at www.swelllifemagazine.com

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Podcast by A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan

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