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Surf Expo Experience with Grom Shredder Corbin Buckley January 2019

Little grom shredder Corbin Buckley joined us this year for Winter’s Surf Expo, in Orlando, Florida as our Grom team rider.

Corbin, 11 years old, has been surfing since he was 3. He started surfing with his father in Deerfield Beach Florida doing push-ins, and riding on his dad’s long board with him until he was about 4. Around then his father Brian started entering Corbin into Gnarly Charley Surf Series contests for groms, taking home his first win at 5 years old. They then moved from South Florida up to Brevard county to be near John Holeman’s surf school, where he attended for 3 years. Not too long after that, he started winning in every category, all the time. And by the age of 9 years old, had accumulated over 156 surfing trophies which fill up his whole room!


Eventually graduating from Gnarly Charley Surf Series, and moving up through NSSA and ESA divisions, Corbin has taken home wins in heats with kids much older than him. With wins in special events like Local’s Only Surf Fest, and NKF Surf Fest in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Surfing long boards, and short boards alike, it does not matter for Corbin will rip on any type of stick!






Corbin’s favorite sponsors are Raw Surf, and Island Water Sports, along with Kulcha Shok Musik, John Holeman Surf School, RJ Boyle, AzHiAzIAm, Shaka.Surf, Tormenter, and Grom. He is loyal rider of Gordzilla Sufboards, and his favorite quote is “I usually go left, but I still like to go right”… By the way. this kid can also get tubed! Check it out!






The past couple years have been a personal challenge for Corbin dealing with the stresses of life, however he keeps his head up, and keeps focused at things he loves most. An avid fisherman, surfer, and like most other boys his age, a gamer. I think his favorite right now is Fortnight. If you’ve never heard of it, you probably don’t spend much time around kids. Almost every kid plays it! At least that’s how it seems!


This grom had a blast at Surf Expo meeting all his favorite professional surfers, watching skateboarding events, and playing with the other groms! Not to forget to mention all the cool schwag he picked up from a few awesome companies! I think meeting CJ hobgood, and Cory Lopez were a few of his highlight moments. That and running into his friends along the way!


Here are a bunch of photos we captured during the past couple of years of Corbin while he was surfing! Most photos were captured in Brevard County, Florida during 2017, and 2018. Enjoy!










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