Surfing Santas Extravaganza Cocoa Beach Florida Christmas Eve Surfing December 24th 2017 By Raw Surf - Raw.Surf

Surfing Santas Extravaganza Cocoa Beach Florida Christmas Eve Surfing December 24th 2017 By Raw Surf

Attending this year’s annual Surfing Santas event on Christmas eve was nothing short of spectacular! There were over 3,000 people in attendance, which is heck of a lot of Santas to witness in one scene! Half of them were out surfing and having a blast! While the other half were on the beach partying it up, celebrating Christmas, life, and really enjoying the beach. Such great vibes with Children of all ages competing in, and out of the water too. Not to mention costume contests; we had some mermaids in the water! Live music, and all of this is for charitable cause supporting The Florida Surf Museum, and Grind for Life. Grind for life supports people and their families who are suffering and dealing with cancer, while advocating skateboarding and bringing awareness to this very important cause that affects so many people in our communities worldwide.

2017 brought more spectators than ever before, and that means we had a full lineup of surfing Santas! How many Santas were surfing this Christmas eve? Look at these waves! They weren’t huge, about 1-2ft, but still clean, glassy conditions, and ride able enough for groms (kids) of all ages! Long board, and short board board Santas were KILLING IT! Look at these guys rip!







Santa started surfing in Cocoa Beach a few years ago in 2009, when family man George Trosset paddled out dressed as Santa Claus. I know, I was disappointed too when I found out the real Santa didn’t make the first paddle out. But George pulled it off first, with his son and daughter in-law as Santa’s helpers, dressed up as elves. Good stuff, and Florida Today newspaper took a photo of him, publishing it FRONT PAGE of the Christmas day edition of their newspaper in 2009. From there it snowballed, with his friends joined the next year, and each following it just grew and grew. You can view more on the history of Surfing Santas at their website

Definitely check out Surfing Santas if you’re in Cocoa Beach, Florida during the holidays, around Christmas. Its free, and an event you don’t want to miss! A great atmosphere, with amazing vibes! Just wondering, when will the real Santa Claus will show up and go surfing?!?





Here’s a video glimpse of yesterday’s action!

Blog written by David Pritzker

Photos and Video by David Pritzker

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