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Two Swells Back to Back Action Bring On The New Year East Coast 2018 Surfing!

I was getting pretty antsy and frothing for days, for New Years was coming and I was praying for some good waves! Not to complain, there has been 2-3 foot waves consistently. But man I was over it, I wanted something of consistency! Christmas day Surfing Santas got really lucky, and scored a few little nuggets, but that was nothing! Nothing compared to this swell upon us. This New Years we got a few pulses, with cold winds joining along with it.

Thankful for these waves bringing us into the New Year. Starting things on the right foot, and getting into some good tubes! We traveled the southern east coast, scoring in Central Florida the most. With South Florida getting a special treat as well, and got it the best conditions most days of the last swell. It got good the last couple days of December before dying off, then the surf got even better after it got REALLY COLD, with the winds howling onshore for a couple days. It finally switched offshore, with air into the 40s for Central Florida north, and snow flurries reported into North Florida during the day! We never get snow in Florida. Crazy to hear reports saying so!

This storm that gave us these winter weather conditions and waves was so massive, they gave it the name “Grayson”. It cancelled flights all the way up into New England, and down into the Carolinas, with blizzard conditions. We heard people up north still went surfing, even thought it got so frothy and cold! Dudes still paddled out anyway!

Phoenix and I got in the car and drove south on Wednesday January 3rd, and scored it good! Martin and Palm Beach county were going off that day!

We were so cold and tired from surfing, but so stoked the waves got this good! Its not often you get head high surf with offshore winds all day long on the East Coast of Florida. There are usually onshore winds at least in the afternoon. So we were super lucky to enjoy the good winds all day! But not happy to drive back from South Florida to Central, since the air temps are at least 10 degrees colder up north! But at least when we got back there were still some waves left to catch!

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