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Drive Through Costa Rica

Your Journey Through Costa Rica Awaits...

From July 10th – July 19th. Spend 10 days and 9 nights with us cruising the Panamarican Highway through Costa Rica in a surf bus with a group of surfers, and your very own expert guide, taking you all over to score awesome waves on your adventure!  No need to stress about navigation, we will pick you up from the airport, and guide you to where the waves are best! No need to worry about rental car, or accommodations. We take care of that for you!


Costa Rica

We will be posting up at various surf hostels and lodges across Costa Rica. All the places we go to will be safe, hospitable, and approved by our staff in advance before we even embark on our adventures. Expect a Raw experience from each accommodation, as we submerse you into the local Costa Rican culture.


Guided Surfing

Drive through and discover

Professional photos of you surfing

Adventure into different towns and indulge into local life

Tour nature, sight see

Surf Instruction available if needed

Surf Point Breaks, Beach Breaks, and Reefs (for skilled surfers)

Explore Costa Rica's night life






David Pritzker

Trip Coordinator

David Pritzker is founder and director of Operations, coordinating efforts with all team members in respective countries, as well as working directly with travel groups. Growing up surfing Central FL, and traveling much of the world, particularly Central America, provides a great deal of knowledge about surf travel.

Jeff Johnson

Expert Guide / Forecaster

With living in Costa Rica over a decade, and extreme barrel riding skills, Jeff Johnson is our go to guide and expert surfer for our surfing adventures in the region. Bilingual, and fluent in Spanish, he knows Costa Rica like the back of his hand. With his expertise, we will get around, and find our spots to surf.