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Surfers Travel Insurance

In order to join in our surf trips, Travel insurance is required to be purchased beforehand to cover emergency medical services and / or emergency medical evacuation, if needed.

Trip Insurance

Trip Insurance is there for you in case you need to cancel your surfing adventures for some unforeseen reason. It will cover cancellations, illness, interruption, evacuation, lost baggage, and missing flights. The out of pocket cost is typically 5-12% of whatever the total cost of your trip may be. There also may be different rates depending on age, and duration of your trip.

Be sure to plan ahead and purchase your trip insurance in advance. Some insurance companies are less inclined to cover your adventure if you get your trip insurance coverage to close to your date of travel. Which is why you want to think and plan ahead here!

Medical Insurance

Lots of people think the don’t need travel medical insurance. Not only is it a requirement when traveling with us, but you do need it. This is because most likely there are limitations to your coverage overseas. Even though many claim they will cover you, it turns into being a disaster trying to get a reimbursement check. There are also a lot of limitations to what they actually cover in your claim. For example, life flights typically aren’t covered, particularly in foreign countries.

Travel medical insurance plans will cover your medical costs, to evacuate you, and bring back remains. Plans are relatively inexpensive to start, and range from about $25 a month to a little over a hundred dollars, which in some cases these higher end plans cover costs of broken surfboards due to flight damage and even theft..

Expatriate Insurance

For those of us who plan on going on a surfing sabbatical, and not returning for a while, we outta look into long-term international health insurance. Being a US citizen, it can be pretty difficult finding good health care and insurance while over overseas, so to make sure we get it right, we must find the right long term plans. On a great deal of occasion, expatriates handle routine checkups and medical emergencies in the country of residence, and want the option to come home if something happens that they feel better being in the US for. And best of all its pretty inexpensive.

What type of insurance is right for me?

As we require Travel Medical Insurance to come on a Surfing Adventure with us, it is not required to purchase general Trip Insurance. However we HIGHLY recommend it! Actually we think the best option is to go for an all “inclusive insurance” plan that covers both your medical needs, but also your general trip needs too.