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El Salvador Surf Trip

Trek through the "Wild East" with "Vaquero" or "Cowboy" (in english) on a wild hunt for empty waves. With countless miles of empty coastline you will be sure to find a hidden gem.

Book your trip to El Salvador to surf  today! Hosted by Vaquero “Cowboy”, Salvador Alexander Morales, a local El Salvadorian ripper. You will be immersed in a RAW surfing adventure experience through El Salvador! This adventure is for someone who wants to live and experience El Salvador in the whole, and wants to go surf incredible waves all day long! Going on this retreat will help you become a better surfer, and overall, send you home with memories and experience of a lifetime.

We will provide you with expert advice, surf photos, videos, point breaks, locally owned accommodations, airport transfers, and experienced surf guides who provide a fun and safe adventure experience for all Raw Surfing Adventurers, on your Raw El Salvador Surfing Adventure.


El Salvador

Vaquero Surf Lodge is conveniently located on El Salvador’s pacific coast in remote and tropical Playa El Tunco, close to mountains, lush rain forests, hot springs, waterfalls, and Beaches.

Vaquero Surf Lodge is El Salvadorian owned and operated, providing a “RAW” experience that immerses you right into the local culture and El Salvadorian surfer lifestyle. Located right on El Tunco beach, Salvador Alexander Morales, hosts his home break to his guests right out front, La Bocana (A racey left), and Sunzal (sold long right).


Beach Access

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Do I need my passport to Travel to El Salvador for the Surf Retreat?

Yes a valid US Passport is Required when traveling abroad, and El Salvador Is Included. If you don't have your passport, you can contact your local passport office or go to https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports.html for more information on how to get your Passport.

Do I need travel insurance when going to the Raw Surfing Adventures Retreat?

Yes you will be required to purchase one of two types of travel insurance coverage for both your own bodily and medical protection, along with trip protection. You can find more information about travel insurance here.

What is this Raw Surfing Adventure Trip To El Salvador All About?

We focus this trip primarily on getting you the waves of your life. Yes there are other activities, and we will be traveling extensively, but it all surrounds our main goal of scoring the best waves we possibly can! And we will be looking and searching for new waves to search during our adventures through this amazing country.

How do I pay?

We currently are accepting payment via Paypal and credit card through Paypal services. We have an optional 25% deposit requirement or you can pay in full. We use the deposits to purchase the rooms for your adventure.




Salvador Alexander Morales

Surf Guide, Lodge Host, Surf Photographer

Salvador Alexander Morales, born and raised surfer in El Salvador, is an expert surfer, who knows El Salvador and surfing there, like the back of his hand. He has been surfing since a small boy, and is known locally as “Cowboy” for his wild surfing style and skills. In spanish Cowboy is “Vaquero”, which is how his Lodge got its name, naturally. Salvador runs the Vaquero Lodge Surf Camp in Playa El Tunco, El Salvador. Working hand in hand with Salvador, you will having nothing but the best experience surfing in his country and lands.

David Pritzker

Event Coordinator

The Captain of this ship is David Pritzker. Born and raised in Florida, David grew up surfing along the East Coast and finds great passion in traveling, music, yoga and surfing. In his early twenties he spent much of his time traveling through the Central Americas, meeting amazing new people, and gathering knowledge and experience necessary to put together these types of retreats. And with a background in Marketing and Degree in Business, he has the abilities and know how to plan and facilitate retreats like this. Follow him on here on www.raw.surf.