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Video & Photography Services

Bringing awareness about ourselves to ourselves can be our greatest challenge in life. Creating an environment for real growth and introspection is our goal to help individuals dramatically through our experience as an Adventure Company. To help the individual is to help the world, one person at a time. Which is why we put a great deal of focus into our Health and Wellness Programs, to help you grow not only as a surfer, but as an individual.


See Us Capturing Pictures Of You Surfing?

We have photo packages for you!

  • $20 per high resolution file
  • $50 per high resolution sequence of a trick (up to 7 files)
  • $75 per high resolution sequence of a trick (7 or more files)
  • $100 grab all photos of you (and your kid) from that day

Donations are acceptable on a per case basis. And we understand not everyone has funds, so at no cost to you, and at our convenience, can send you a low resolution image with our watermark on it.



Want to improve your surf skills?

Watching yourself surf is probably the best tool for improving your surfing next to hiring a private coach! Hire our photographers for your free surfs, surf contests, or lessons with local area surfing professional coaches!

  • $75.00 per hour up to 3 persons during free surfing sessions (each additional surfer is $25 per hour). Pricing includes time to edit photos and basic photo & video cleanup editing
  • $120 per 2 surf lessons with local surf schools. Each additional lesson after 2 lessons per month is $50
  • $100 special pricing, per 2 surf lessons, with Gnarly Charley Surf Series private lessons. Each additional lesson is $45 per lesson
  • $250-350 per family of 4-5 beach photo shoots. Prices includes basic photo cleanup and collection
  • $400 modeling shoots (per location). Price includes basic edits, minimum of 20 detailed edits in a collection
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Looking to qualify for the world tour?

If you’re an expert or professional level surfer and want more exposure, we can help! We offer full edit video production and marketing services to help get you more sponsors, recognition, and opportunities to excel in your surfing career.

  • Full and promo length videos
  • Adventure with us to any surfing destination you’d like and document the story with us
  • We feature and promote your surfing after were done producing your video
  • Custom packages to help fit your budget
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